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Free Lecture on February 27

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Saturday, February 27
10:00am – 11:00am
Maine Historical Society

The second lecture in the winter series is less than 2 weeks away! Join us on February 27 at Maine Historical Society at 10:00am for "Privateering on Casco Bay" with James L. Nelson. Mr. Nelson, who has appeared on The History Channel and the Discovery Channel gives talks on many subject having to do with maritime history. He is described as a speaker with "vibrant enthusiasm" and "lively delivery." Please join us to hear about the armed private ships licensed to attack enemy shipping in young New England.

We are holding a raffle for the last Eastern Cemetery shirt designed by Rogue's Gallery! Chip in only $1 and be entered to win this medium-sized collector's item! The drawing occur March 27 at the end of our last lecture.

In case of inclement weather, listen to the voice message at 207-318-2982.

Mark your calendars for the last lecture as well; Maine State Historian Earle Shettleworth will speak on March 27. More about the lecture series.

Spirited Business - Mousse Cafe and Bakeshop

The Mousse Cafe and Bakeshop generously donated the coffee for our lecture in January. If you've ever thought of picking up a new tome at Longfellow Books and going somewhere to sip java and nosh on bakery while starting chapter 1, Mousse Cafe and Bakeshop is the place to do it! In addition to their delicious coffee, the Monument Square eatery is known for its warm-your-tummy breakfasts, super-fresh brunches, and its tasty lunch fare. Thank you, Mousse Cafe and Bakeshop!
207-822-9955, 1 Monument Way Portland, ME 04101

Subterranean Celebrity: Captain Lemuel Moody

In A-Tomb-60 rests the remains of Captain Lemuel Moody. Captain Moody was born in Portland in 1767. He was only 13 years old when he enlisted in the U.S. Navy as a waterboy, and he stayed in long enough to become Captain and to be imprisoned unjustly. He came back to Portland and settled down with Emma Crosby having 10 children—only 5 surviving beyond infancy—and they are interred along with him. Captain Moody is most famous for being the architect and mastermind behind the Portland Observatory. Climb the 103 steps to the top the only surviving maritime signaling tower in the United States—after it opens on Flag Day. Built in 1807, it just observed its sesquicentennial and continues to be the most interesting prominent landmark in the city. Well done, Mr. Moody!

Image from Greater Portland Landmarks site.

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