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Workday June 12

Saturday, June 12
9:00am – 12:00Pm

If you enjoy digging in your garden or getting soil under your fingernails, join us on Saturday, June 12 as we plant and prune on the site. It's been dry so far, so we will be watering trees and shrubs as well. Please help! The Eastern Cemetery needs you.

Refreshments, gloves, garden tools, and wheelbarrows will be supplied.

Stone Survey: Sacred to the Memory

martha reading gravestone

8:00am – 12:00Pm

The survey of all of the gravestones in the cemetery continues in its 3rd year! Join us any Saturday morning to learn how to take down facts from the old stones. It's like being a detective and an archaeologist at the same time.

If you come out on June 26, you'll witness the project of an Eagle Scout-to-be named Tanner. He is organizing groups of people to transcribe stones in the back sections of the cemetery. His group took down information on over 200 stones in one single day which was a tremendous help in our survey project. We thank Tanner and his crew for all their work.

So come on out and join us — pencils, stools, and fun will be supplied.

Summer Tours

1:30Pm - 2:30pm

Every Sunday this summer, join us inside the gates to learn about the history of the cemetery and a bit about who is buried there. Tour guides welcome groups as well. Just let us know in advance so we can make sure we have enough guides on site. Please arrive at 1:15pm with cash or check: Per person $7, Elders (62+) and students $4, children under 12 are free. Tour will be canceled in the event of rain.

Girl Scouts Honor Veterans with Flags

Troop 1974

On Friday, May 28, Girl Scout Troop 1974 turned out with their leaders to set American flags on the graves of U.S. war veterans. They did a great job reading the stones to determine if the memorialized person served in the Mexican-American War, the Civil War, the Revolutionary War, or the War of 1812. They ended their afternoon of volunteerism with a ceremony at the flag in deference to all our veterans. Special thanks to Dianne Bergstedt for making it all happen! See photos on Facebook!

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