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Take a Tour and Support the Eastern Cemetery!

1:30Pm - 2:30pm

Every Sunday this summer, join us inside the gates for the popular Eastern cemetery tour! Learn about the history of the cemetery, a bit about who is buried there, and what the art on their stones is all about. Tour groups are welcomed! Let us know in advance so we can make sure we have enough guides on site. Please arrive by 1:15pm with cash or check: Per person $7, Elders (62 and better) and students $4, children under 12 are free. Tour will be canceled in the event of rain.

Subterranean Celebrities: McLean and Flett

McLean marker detail

The ledger stone for Allon McLean and John Flett is gorgeous! On March 23, 1790, the house in which the two lived, suffered a collapse and both were killed instantly (although the servants were saved by hiding in the chimney). Both men came from Scotland, and family cress were carved above each inscription. Even though Mr. McLean was the Deputy Collector at the time, the funeral for the 26-year-olds was described by the Reverend as "The largest and most solemn funeral that ever was in the town."

Stone Survey: Here Lies Mouldering

8:00am – 12:00Pm

Join us on a Saturday morning to learn how to take down facts from the old stones. It's like being a detective and an archaeologist at the same time.

You might get a tan, you might get dirty, but you'll be entranced by the history, the mysteries, and the fascination of working in a 17th century burial ground.

So come on out and join us — pencils, stools, and dirt will be supplied.

Congress Street Facelift

fence damagePerhaps you've noticed, walking down the cemetery side of Congress Street, the disrepair of certain areas of the cast iron fence. Rust, decay, missing parts... a heavy chain to keep the gates closed... these are all items on the list of the Spritis Alive Fence Project that will be remedied, and you can help! An anonymous donor has given the funds to get the project started, and city representatives are coordinating the contractor for the job, but more can be done. Learn more about the Fence Project on our website.

Become a Spirits Alive Friend Today

Help Spirits Alive keep the Eastern Cemetery alive for generations to come and join as a Friend. For only $25 a year ($40 for families, $15 for students or elders), you can help:

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