Spirits Alive at the Eastern Cemetery | eNews, May 2014

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Barb explains a tombstone's features

Barb explains the features of a slate headstone to Vana and Vi

It's almost summer and things are getting busy out in our favorite bone yard. From tours about the history of the site as well as special tours on stonecutter Bartlett Adams to learning more about cleaning and conserving gravestones, we've got a full schedule!

Subterranean Celebrity: Sabine Emery

Died March 24, 1868

Ben Smith with Sabine Emery's new marker, photo by Joe Dumais

Ben Smith, Civil War historian of the 9th Maine, was especially interested in the assault on Battery Wagner. There is a much larger story here, but the bare bones (as used for the movie "Glory") of it are that the 54th Massachusetts all-black regiment led the charge on Battery Wagner. The soldiers were slaughtered horribly by the Rebs. The second wave of the assault on the Battery was by the 9th Maine. In that assault was Colonel Sabine Emery. He was wounded badly in the action after leading the second assult on Wagner, but not killed. Emery, an 1858 Colby graduate, died in 1868 ultimately of his wounds, at age 34. Smith has been trying to find Emery's burial spot for years, but no one seemed to know where it was. Finally, through records at Evergreen Cemetery, he discovered that Emery is in the Gould family tomb at Eastern Cemetery. Smith was so thrilled that he led the initiative to requisition a soldier's stone from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. The stone has been installed, and a dedication ceremony with re-enactors from the 54th Massachusetts marching from the Abyssinian Meeting House to the Eastern Cemetery is scheduled for Saturday, June 7 at 1:00PM. Special thanks to Barbara Hager for the this story about Sabine Emery and his new marker.

A New Day for Portland Parks & Open Spaces - A Community Conversation

Thursday, June 5, 2014
5:00PM - 7:00PM
First Parish Church


Spirits Alive is a sponsor of this free, public event featuring speaker Adrian Benepe. It is organized by a growing network of interested people and organizations engaging in a visioning and planning conversation about Portland, Maine's gardens, open spaces, parks, and trails.

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