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New Codman Gravestone: Celebrate with Us!

charles codman gravestone

Friday, September 11
12:00 Noon

You are invited to a ceremony to dedicate Charles Codman's replacement gravestone!

On Friday, September 11 at 12:00 noon in the Eastern Cemetery, join Portland Mayor Jill Duson, Maine State Historian Earle Shettleworth, and Portland Museum of Art Curator Tom Denenberg in celebrating this happy occasion. Erected "by his friends," Codman's original gravestone had broken, fallen, and eroded beyond repair. In a showing of the timelessness of his talent, admirers of Charles Codman’s art have once again stepped forward to install a handsome and enduring marker that will memorialize him for years to come. We hope to see you there, rain or shine! Refreshments will be provided.

Media Hit: Observer

Read Liz McMahon's article (351k PDF) about us in the August issue of the Munjoy Hill Observer!

Stoner Saturdays

Most Saturdays
9:00AM – 12:00PM

Weather permitting. Stoners, those who help on our stone transcription project of transcribing the thousands of stones in the cemetery, are offering trainings on Saturday mornings in the summer. If you have an eye for detail and love filling out forms or playing detective on the whereabouts and inscriptions on old grave markers, we're looking for your help! Check our schedule.

Email us if you're interested in attending, or just show up! If you're available during the week, let us know.

Only 2 Tours Left This Summer!

August 29
10:00AM & 11:00AM

It's your last chance to experience the Eastern Cemetery's stories as told by our exclusive docents. There are two subjects and times from which to choose:

Subterranean Celebrity: James Alden

trimming around monuments in the cemetery

Who is buried in the Eastern Cemetery?

If you've every noticed the tall, pink granite monument in the southeast section of the cemetery, you've found the gravesite of Portland-born James Alden, Jr. (1810-1877). Alden served in the US Navy for 33 years. A descendant of Mayflower folks, he accompanied the Wilkes exploring expedition around the world in 1838-1842. During his career, he served in the Mexican war, the Indian war on Puget Sound, and the Civil War. In the 1850s, he was attached to the U.S. Coastal Survey and helped map the east coast. He passed away in San Francisco 6 years after retiring as a rear admiral and was laid to rest here in the Eastern Cemetery.

The monument is an exquisite example of how granite memorials stand the test of time. The carvings and polish of the stone are crisp and clear — the stone looks newly created — even 132 years after they were created. The only indication of age seems to be in the copper plaques that adorn each of the four sides of the obelisk.

Spirited Business: Maine Memorial

For three generations the DiMatteos of Maine Memorial South Portland have been creating stone monuments and objects of remembrance for families and friends of dearly departed. In addition to this wonderful work, Paul DiMatteo has been partnering with Spirits Alive to beautify the Eastern Cemetery with fine granite benches and the new Charles Codman gravestone. Not only does he produce quality monuments, but he sets the results in the ground for us. Thank you, Paul and Maine Memorial Co. for your dedication to the improvement of the Eastern Cemetery!

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